CBEMR A Successful Method of
Mangrove Restoration

An EPIC Mangrove Video

EPIC Project - Mangrove Conservation Work in Koh Klaeng, Krabi, Thailand with Mangrove Action Project

Leo Thom, MAP vizual communication consultant, & Tim Plowden, a professional photograther based in Singapore join MAP-Asia staff, Jim & Ning in the field early December for 6 days in Krabi capturing film and photos for the production of an EPIC “short” video.  The IUCN Ecosystems Protecting Infrastructure Communities (EPIC) project taking place in 6 countries are producing short videos to spread the message that healthy ecosystems are critical to reducing the impacts of future disasters, known as Ecosystem Based Disaster Risk Reduction or Eco-DRR for short.   Nature based solutions are an important strategy to deal with climate change intensified disasters.  Mangroves are act as critical coastal bio shields which are able to self-repair following tropical storms, unlike man-made hard infrastructure.  They also slow the process of coastal erosion which is accelerated by sea-level rise.

A morning view from Klong Lu homestay our base from which we explored the Muslim island in Krabi Province

Small scale, coastal fishing is the livelihood of most of Koh Klang’s inhabitants. A typical site of sun-drying fresh fish

The team shot video of the two EPIC  mangrove restoration demonstration sites on Klang Island in the Krabi River estuary, as well as the project advisory committee meeting, site monitoring, hydrological improvement work, Project Abroad volunteers engaged in restoration site maintenance and interviewed key project stakeholders.   Healthy mangroves ecosystems were filmed to illustrate the many goods & services obtained from mangroves, especially fishery based livelihoods.

Tim and Leo capturing footage of a healthy mangrove ecosystem on Koh Klang

Video scheduled to be complete in early March!

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  1. Chupacabras

    There’s a bit of hope coming for the world’s mangroves, though. Parts of the world have recognized them as species of special concern . Nations have begun to put a price tag on mangrove areas that reflects the true value of their combined benefits. Mangrove replenishment initiatives with seeds or seedlings can revive the shoreline ecosystems within 15-30 years if other conditions are suitable.


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